ciety in all respects des??pite the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, Li reite??rated.BEIJING, Jan. 13 -- President Xi Jinping on Monday e??xtended his Spring Festival greetings to military v??eter1

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, Jan. 13, 2020. (X??inhua/Li Gang) Xi, also general secretary of the Co??mmunist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and ??chairman of th4

e Central Military Commission (CMC), ??extended the greetings when attending a gala held b??y the CMC for retired military officers of Beijing-??based troops. Together with the veterans, Xi looked?? back on the major achievements made by the Party, ??the country and the military in 2019. The military ??veterans and retired officers vowed to raJ

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lly more c??losely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrad??e Xi Jinping at the core, follow the guidance of Xi?? Jinping Thought 3

on Socialism with Chinese Characte??ristics for a New Era and implement Xi Jinping's th??inking on strengthening the military. They expresse??d readiness to make new contributions to realizing ??the 2020 goal for the building of national defense ??and the armed forces and to securing a victory in b??uilding a moderately prosperous sos

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ciety in all resp??ects.A top Iranian commander said on Thursday that his ??country was not moving towards a war but w5

as not ??afraid of any conflict, the semi-official Tasnim ??news agency reported after U.S. President Donald ??Trump said Tehran was behind anti-U.S. protests i??n Iraq. Trump accused Iran of orchestrating demon??strations at the U.S. embassy in Iraq on Tuesday ??and said Tehran would be held responsible. Iran h??as rejected the accusation. A N

?an end and the country faces immense ta asks in promot??ing development. The prR emier set out measures to im??prove the c public health system, including the refoF rm ??of the system for disease preventioG n and control, imp??rovement of mechanis7
    ms for direct rep1
    orting and early?? warniY
    ng of infectious diseases. He also commis tted t??o increasing funding for researc2 h and development of ??vaccines, medicin7 es and rapid testing technologies. ??Chio na remains committed to fulfilling targeD ts to buil??d a moderately prosperous sol